Saturday, May 11, 2013

Susu one after changing food for two weeks

          I have changed the food from 100% brine shrimp to 50% red bloodworm and 50% Chanko food(63% protein) for two weeks. After one week, they were all sick from the bad quality of water and bacterial overgrowth in the water from the over intake of food so I lost one week for treating them. The real duration for taking the new food is only one week.

          It is obvious that the body is thicker and longer compared with the last two weeks. My experiment takes the positive effect on the growth and development for changing only one week on new food. In my opinion, brine shrimp should be fed for the first 4 weeks in full time but after 4 weeks we can change to the new food without the negative impact on the fish. In fact, if the source of food is protein-rich  diet, it should promote the growth and development on the skull and the body. 

Susu one, 6 weeks

           When comparing my fish to Suzuki's fish in the same age(He is one of the ranchu breeder who is very famous in Japan and I personally am his big fan and I would like to say thank you for Kazuo Suzuki for the youtube video), I found that the proportion of my fish is similar to him that might be the same bloodline. The nice proportion of head to body should be 1:2 or more. When comparing the size, my fish is nearly similar in thickness and length to him. Now I just found that I am coming to the right way to raise my fish. 

          Ranchu during one month age is the most important one for development which is the transition between very small fish that needs to pass the survival period to the period of raising the structure. One month age is the duration for developing the skull, the body and the tail. The type and amount of food each day impact significantly to the fish structure. If the amount is not enough, the infrastructure of the fish cannot be developed beautifully. In contrast, too much feeding can affect to the tail and swimming ability. Not only the food but also the quality of the water, the temperature and the space for fish for developing the swimming posture can impact the fish directly. The combination of red bloodworm and the commercial food pellet is the ideal for ranchu. Why do we have to give them both? It is my question for very longtime since I have known this kind of fish. No anyone answers me clearly.

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