Thursday, May 02, 2013

Follow up Tata one, 2 weeks

After the fish larva was hatching, we usually have to wait for at least two days for the larva to swim up from the bottom of the tank and then we gotta start the food after that. During the early period of the fish larva, they have to develop the swim bladder to help them floating and swimming. On the day after the hatching, I changed the water for the larva in the early morning because I had to go out for work very early. In the evening after the work, I found most of the fish larva could not move that means they are death. That is the real sadness because I did the water change too early so the small fish cannot adapt themselves to the new environment and they cannot survive. I can harvest only nearly 50 small fish. This is the lesson for us to be slower and slower for the very small fish. They need time for survive.
After two weeks then,  50 small fishes are growing up. This is the new picture of them.

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